Ahmed fouad negm writing a revolution down on the farm

A personal dispute escalates into a violent community conflict. But despite their enthusiasm — visible and audible as they rehearse lines in the corner of a newspaper compound — the arts sector in South Sudan is hardly thriving.

He started to write songs at the age of 17, inspired by young poets like Amgad Qahwagi and Mohamed Bahgat, as well as the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm who spoke up against Mubarak's regime. He established the band "Mashakel" translated to "Problems" in and through this band started to sing for a free life, illustrating the simple daily problems he lives along with all Egyptians under Mubarak's regime.


During the January 25 Revolution,Ramy hailing from Mansoura came to Cairo on January 30 to participate in the revolution. He camped on Tahrir Square, and has become a regular Cairene since.

He composed the crowd's anti-Mubarak chants with his song Irhal [ Leave] which became an anthem of the protests. On the 11th of February Mubarak finally got the message to 'Irhal' and was forced to resign.

ahmed fouad negm writing a revolution down on the farm

But when Ramy Essam returned to the square after this historic announcement, he was identified as an agitator, arrested and detained for four hours, during which time he was beaten and Tasered. On March 9th the army stormed the square, ripping down tents and arresting more than people, including Essam.Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm — who died at the beginning of this month at the age of 84 — was honored on 11 December as the principal winner at the Dutch .

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For Negm says these words in an episode of Artscape: Poets of Protest, a six-part series running on Al Jazeera English. Poets of Protest looks at the lives and works of . ThisFabTrek, Photography and Journey, the Stories from the Road and Life around the World, stopped in August after more than 9 years, Love and Peace.

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Ahmed Al-Asker (Arabic:أحمد العسكر) (born 1 June ) is a Qatari footballer. He currently plays for Al-Sailiya.

ahmed fouad negm writing a revolution down on the farm

And no I am not a supporter of the MB. One of the truly disgusting aspects of the terrible tragedy unfolding in Egypt is that Egypt’s fascist government – in concert with all of the usual suspects – is the making a martyr out of the Muslim Brotherhood organization as a whole.

Ahmed Fouad Negm poems: English translation - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

A selection of Ahmed Fouad Negm's poems .

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