An analysis of the defintion of femininity

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An analysis of the defintion of femininity

The Birth of VenusUffizi is a classic representation of femininity painted by Sandro Botticelli.

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Tara Williams has suggested that modern notions of femininity in English speaking society began during the English medieval period at the time of the bubonic plague in the s.

Prudence Allen has traced how the concept of "woman" changed during this period. Sex and psychology and Feminine psychology While the defining characteristics of femininity are not universally identical, some patterns exist: An ongoing debate with regards to sex and psychology concerns the extent to which gender identity and gender-specific behavior is due to socialization versus inborn factors.

Halpernboth factors play a role, but the relative importance of each must still be investigated. Their research argues that sexual organs bathe the embryo with hormones in the womb, resulting in the birth of an individual with a distinctively male or female brain; this was suggested by some to "predict future behavioral development in a masculine or feminine direction".

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Hanegraaff, argue that the definition of femininity is the result of how females must behave in order to maintain a patriarchal social system. He describes these as relatively arbitrary choices mediated by cultural norms and traditions, identifying "masculinity versus femininity" as one of five basic dimensions in his theory of cultural dimensions.

An analysis of the defintion of femininity

Hofstede describes as feminine behaviors such as "service", "permissiveness", and "benevolence", and describes as feminine those countries stressing equality, solidarity, quality of work-lifeand the resolution of conflicts by compromise and negotiation.

The anima and animus are described by Jung as elements of his theory of the collective unconsciousa domain of the unconscious that transcends the personal psyche. In the unconscious of the male, it finds expression as a feminine inner personality: List of historical sources for pink and blue as gender signifiers In Western cultures, the ideal of feminine appearance has traditionally included long, flowing hair, clear skin, a narrow waist, and little or no body hair or facial hair.

For example, in many parts of the world, underarm hair is not considered unfeminine.JUDITH BUTLERquestions the belief that certain gendered behaviors are natural, illustrating the ways that one's learned performance of gendered behavior (what we commonly associate with femininity and masculinity) is an act of sorts, a performance, one that is imposed upon us by normative heterosexuality.

Gender studies is a field of interdisciplinary study and academic field devoted to gender identity and gendered representation as central categories of analysis. This field includes Women's studies (concerning women, feminism, gender, and politics), Men's studies, and LGBT studies.

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[ 1 ]. Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining sovereignty (self-governance) over the political ideology of nationalism holds that a nation should govern itself, free from outside interference and is linked to the concept of self-determination.

An analysis of the defintion of femininity

May 15,  · Although the media isn't yet representing either gender void of stereotypes, a societal change will bring about a change in the media. Regardless of this, gender roles are just that, roles. One of the first examples of a major feminist literary analysis is the focus of Petruchio’s treatment of Katharina in William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” in the late s.

The feminist criticism school entitled Gynocriticism followed in the late s to solidify the existence of feminist criticism. The medieval maiden: young womanhood in late medieval England. By Kim M. Phillips. PhD Dissertation, University of York, Abstract: Studies of youth or adolescence within medieval perceptions of the life cycle are of increasing prominence within medieval studies.

What Is Gender-Based Violence? Running Time: 3 hours Materials: Flipchart and flipchart stand/chalkboard, markers; Femininity is, on the other hand, associated with weakness, gentleness, tolerance, passivity and emotion. These characteristics result from a combination of biological, cultural and social influences and. as it relates to the simplistic binaries of females vs. males and femininity vs. masculinity, but rather also includes some analysis of the impact of age, race, sexual . Feminism helped women get the vote, obtain equal rights for jobs, made laws to control domestic violence, help women obtain the rights to own property, to divorce, to have access to birth control and to have possession of their own bodies.
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