Business and support systems essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Business Systems Analysis and Decision Support Essay Sample Developing the MIS will involve investigating the overall required functions of the system and specific requirements for each type and level of manager. You should describe the selected methods of analysis and requirements elicitation and explain and illustrate why they are appropriate in this case. According to the Management Library, managers should approach decision making in an organized manner.

Business and support systems essay

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I will begin with the basics as to what is a DSS, how does it work and what are the business and user benefits. In closing I will discuss the purpose for developing or adopting such a system and how it can lead to a competitive advantage. This makes it difficult for managers to develop or establish any type of decision-making procedures or rules.

A Decision Support System helps combine computerized analytical tools with human intuition to increase management insight into solving problems Business and support systems essay can provide structure for this process. Managers regularly use intuition and any available data to make decisions.

There are several ways that a DSS can facilitate the decision making task by providing library models, guidance and preparing information into understandable results. The aid of a DSS helps ensure that the decision maker does not rely only on intuition and invalid assumptions but has data which it turns into knowledge to aid in the decision making process.

DSSs can assist with all or most problem solving phases, decision frequencies and different degrees of problem structure.


As you know managers or employees need accurate data in a timely manner to help make every day business decisions. This is where a DSS can benefit the organization; a DSS can be set up or structured in many different ways and tailored to specific business needs providing employees with the right information at the right time to make educated business decisions.


A DSS can walk someone through a decision or can just provide the information needed to make a decision. For example, when ordering inventory for the warehouse an employee would receive a report showing what items are at the reorder point, a DSS could support the reordering process by suggesting a reorder quantity that would meet demand based on recent or historical sales, determine the proper quantity based on carton size, quantity discounts and available warehouse shelf space.

With the DSS having all of this information and being able to compute the optimal order quantity the employee can place the order quickly and accurately.

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As shown in this example a DSS can be programmed to assist in very specific decisions but the benefits of a DSS can be numerous depending on what is needed from them. Executive Information Systems As I have discussed, people and organizations need accurate reliable information that is readily available and easily understood in order to support decision-making.

This being said, not all levels of the organization need the same information to make decisions and run the business, as I showed earlier a buyer may need inventory information and ordering data to buy materials but an upper level executive has little use for that level of detail and needs a higher level look at the state of the entire business operation.

An Executive Information System is a special type of DSS designed to support higher-level decision-making in the organization.

An EIS is a specialized system that captures the expertise of highly trained, experienced professionals in specific problem domains.

Business and support systems essay

The objective of an EIS is to support upper management to ask the right questions and to have the data needed to make strategic business decisions. An EIS is generally designed for a specific individual or a small group of users.

This is the main difference between an EIS and a DSS, where DSS is designed for the entire organization and the output is designed to help the users solve problems and answer questions. As you know executives have very little time to spend on a computer digging into data, they need information quickly that is presented in a way they understand and can use effectively.

An EIS is used for this very purpose to help executives monitor performance, do what if analysis, identify problems and trends so that they can react quickly and make decisions that move the corporation in the appropriate direction.

Software Tools There are many software tools on the market today that perform some functions of a DSS by taking a companies data and helping to organize, analyze and prepare data so decisions can be made.

Most of these software packages are web-based applications that are compatible with traditional business systems and can be customized to provide powerful reporting and analysis tools to help run the business.

This software known as Business Intelligence software such as Comshare, Brio and Cognos offer a variety of Business Intelligence solutions that provide employees, customers and managers with real-time data to make decisions.

These software packages allow organizations to look at information and data differently than traditional reporting methods.

Some of the strengths of these software packages are their ease of use, visual presentation of data, adaptability and customization to many user groups. Some of the weaknesses of this type of software is that most are fairly expensive, require a lot of up front work for implementation and are only as good as the data that is fed to them.Business Systems Analysis This Essay Business Systems Analysis and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 8, • Essay • 4/4(1).

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I believe in having a support system. Someone to tell you to stop working so hard. Someone to tell you to take a break. Someone who’s there for you through thick and thin.

How Information Systems Support the Business Process Information System (IS) refers to a system of inputs of data, processing, and . Feb 15,  · Term Paper on Decision Support Systems Introduction As you are aware for the last 15 weeks I have been taking a class in Information Systems Management with a focus on Decision Support Systems .

BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYSIS RIORDAN MANUFACTURING, INC. Introduction Business systems provide an integral part of the mechanism that keeps businesses functioning from day to day as well as provide a means of obtaining success and future growth.4/4(1).

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