Chemical engineering ethics case studies

The 18th century and growing concern[ edit ] The first Tay Bridge collapsed in At least sixty were killed.

Chemical engineering ethics case studies

TBW December Question 2 Tau, the owner of a house in the City of Alpha, Ontario, was notified by the city that the condition of the foundation walls of his house violated the standards set out in the city's property standards by-law.

The city, being concerned that the foundation walls had deteriorated to the point of being structurally unsafe, ordered Tau to obtain a written report by a professional engineer as to the walls' condition.

Omega prepared a report stating that he had inspected the foundation and that the foundation walls appeared to be "structurally sound and capable of safely sustaining the house for many more years".

Tau submitted Omega's report to the city. In response, the city sent a letter to Tau with a copy to Omega pointing out the city's observations regarding the deterioration of the walls, including evidence of significant water permeation, together with photographs taken by the city's inspector.

In the letter, the city requested the condition of the foundation be reassessed and a response be made to the city within two weeks.

Chemical engineering ethics case studies

Tau was unaware that Omega would be waiting for authorization for him to spend more time on the project and accordingly did not contact Omega and request him to respond.

Omega did not follow up with either Tau or the city.

Chemical engineering ethics case studies

Following a second request to Tau, copied to Omega, Omega responded by letter to the city, advising that he had never examined the interior of the walls, only the exterior and admitted the photographs provided by the city indicated that the foundation was structurally unsound.

Tau's house has deteriorated to the point of raising the notice of the city. Omega prepared a report stating the foundation walls appeared to be "structurally sound". Omega did not examine the interior walls. In your answer, also discuss Omega's conduct regarding Omega's dealings with the City.

Professional ethics By Denise Nguyen Abstract Engineering Ethics is the set of rules and guidelines that engineers adhere to as a moral obligation to their profession and to the world.
Professional Practice and Ethics: Case Studies Emphasis is on the integration of fundamentals with material property estimation, process control, product development, and computer simulation. Integration of societal issues, such as engineering ethics, environmental and safety considerations, and impact of technology on society are addressed in the context of case studies.
Case Study Collection | Ethics Education Library The scope of works has comprised a large number of dynamic sampling boreholes with groundwater and ground gas monitoring wells. In conjunction with the borehole investigation additional works were being completed to decommission silos and tanks on site, with the drainage network undergoing assessment and where necessary, cleaning.
Case Studies | Challenging Environments Article - Issue 14, November Engineering ethics — Principles and cases John Uff CBE QC FREng Download the article KB Principles and cases The first article in this series examined a number of current issues where engineers might consider direct action in response to perceived ethical duties to give warnings of preventable disaster.
1-1 Safety Programs Its maiden flight was on April 4,and it completed nine missions before breaking apart 73 seconds after the launch of its tenth mission, STSL on January 28,resulting in the death of all seven crew members. The accident led to a two-and-a-half year grounding of the shuttle fleet, with missions resuming in with the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on STS

The question indicates that Omega was licenced, but it does not mention that he had a Certificate of Authorization to provide engineering services to the public. If he did not have such a certificate, one could allege professional misconduct by 72 2 g breach of the Act By not inspecting the interior of the walls, one could allege professional misconduct by 72 2 a negligence as one would suspect that a professional engineer asked to inspect walls would, at the very least, inspect both sides.

By attempting to assist Tau in not repairing the walls, one could allege professional misconduct by 72 2 b as Omega would not be safeguarding the life of Tau and others. The report does not state Omega's area of competence but if he not trained in civil engineering, one could allege professional misconduct by 72 2 h by undertaking an inspection which would fall under the specialization of a civil engineer.

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By submitting a report which could have the potential of the city by-laws not being enforced in a situation where they are being contravened, one could allege professional misconduct by 72 2 d in attempting to allow Tau to not comply with local by-laws.

The letter from the city was in response to the report sent by Omega and as the photographs appear, by the third paragraph, to provide sufficient evidence to refute the report which was submitted and no further inspection was really required.

Additionally, as a professional engineer, he was obligated by If the inspector is also a professional engineer, he has further obligations from Does Omega need one under the facts described above?

Explain why or why not. What are the possible consequences to a professional engineer of acting without a certificate of authorization when one is required. As mentioned in my answer to part anot only could the actions taken by Omega be alleged to be professional misconduct, but he would be in violation of subsection 12 2 of the Act and under subsection 40 1he would be guilty of an offence.

December Question 3 The actions include: TurbCo signed a contract with PowerGen to supply a turbine guaranteed for MW including technical advice, on-sight support, testing, and commissioning.

PowerGen hired MechCon to construct the plant and install the turbine. MechCon did not have established safety procedures for the workplace. Ployee overlooked the running of the tests by MechCon. What, if any, duties does M. Ployee have under the code of ethics and the definition of professional misconduct regarding the potential dangers to MechCon's workers?

Explain whether it matters to M. Ployee's duties that the unsafe practices involved work that was not relevant to the services that TurbCo was hired to perform i. Ployee duties that MechCon agreed, in its contract with PowerGen, that MechCon would have overall responsibility for site safety?

Problem Solving in Engineering Ethics

Neither the Code of Ethics nor the definition of professional misconduct restricts their provisions to the services being performed by an engineer. The mining company is the main employer in the region.In the fictional case in Incident at Morales, a company plans to quickly build a new plant to manu- Thirty students, mostly chemical engineering majors, Texas Tech University, March 30, Assessment of an Engineering Ethics Video: Incident at Morales.

The aim of a chemical engineer is to be of service to the community and society expects the highest professional standards. Ethics lies at the heart of our discipline. The Royal Academy of Engineering has published a Statement of Ethical Principles as a code of principles that apply to .

In one ASME ethics case, a professor wrote a technical paper based on the thesis work of his graduate student and listed the former student as a junior co-author . Now widely used as a case study for trainee engineers, this disaster has been used to teach many lessons: primarily that that the advice of engineers should be considered carefully by management; and that the ethics of whistle-blowing and group decision-making should be introduced.

Engineering Ethics is the set of rules and guidelines that engineers adhere to as a moral obligation to their profession and to the world. Engineering is a professional career that impact lives.

When ethics is not followed, disaster often occurs; these disasters not only include huge monetary costs and environmental impacts, but also often. American Chemical Society: Chemistry for Life. Materials for Ethics Education. The following case studies are designed to be used as part of ethics education in chemistry.

The case studies were written for use in workshops or classrooms where each scenario can be read by the participants in minutes. Each scenario is followed by a.

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