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Connected line flow assembly line Assembly line Continuous flow continuous Continuous broken cog to a machine shop where they would manufacture a new one from scratch. This machine shop along with tool and die manufacturers is probably the primary example of manufacturing job shops. A job shop is the producer of unique products; usually this product is of an individual nature and requires that the job shop interpret the customer's design and specifications, which requires a relatively high level of skill and experience.

Course notes for ops571

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Further, Digital Microwave Corporation reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the content hereof without obligation of Digital Microwave Corporation to notify any person or such revision or changes. Operation of the equipment is designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances.

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Product CompatibilityWhile every effort has been made to verify the operation of DXR with many different communications products and networks, Digital Microwave Corporation makes no claim of compatibility between DXR and other vendors' equipment.

It is assumed that users have thoroughly evaluated the performance of DXR in the environment in which it is to be used. SafetyGeneralPlease observe the general safety precautions outlined in this section during all phases of operation and service of DXR If you do not comply with these precautions or with specific safety warnings contained elsewhere in this manual or on the product itself, you will violate the standards of design, manufacture, and intended use of the product.

Digital Microwave Corporation does not assume any liability for any failure to comply with these precautions.

Course notes for ops571

To help you to easily recognise safety warnings or precautions contained in this manual they are prefixed by the warning symbol shown above. GroundingThe DXR chassis must be grounded. If a short circuit occurs, grounding will reduce the risk of electrical shock by keeping the equipment at the same potential as a person touching it.

Do not remove the external covers unless you are authorised to service the equipment. It is therefore dangerous to stand, or have any part of your body in front of the antenna during transmissions. This substance is completely safe while in solid form within the module but is highly toxic if inhaled or absorbed by the skin in powder form.

You should therefore be extremely careful when handling the components to ensure that you do not chip, grind or damage them. Fire HazardDo not install or operate DXR in any environment where there are flammable gases or fumes.

To do so will create a significant safety hazard and may expose you to the risk of physical injury. Part ReplacementDo not install parts, substitute parts or perform any unauthorised modification to DXR If repair is required, you should return the product to your Digital Microwave Corporation representative, or directly to Digital Microwave Corporation at the address given in Customer Support, to ensure that safety features are maintained.

Customer SupportIf after reading this manual you experience any difficulty installing or using DXRyou should first contact your local Digital Microwave Corporation representative or alternatively contact Digital Microwave Corporation as follows: It does not provide information or instruction on basic technical procedures.

We recommend that you read the relevant sections of this manual thoroughly before beginning any installation or operational procedures on DXR How this Manual is OrganizedSection 1 - About this ManualThis section gives an outline of the content and aim of the manual, and also provides instructions on how to use it.

Section 2 - General DescriptionThis section provides functional descriptions of the standard hardware and configurations associated with the DXR Section 3 - Optional EquipmentThis section provides descriptions of the optional equipment that can be supplied with DXR Section 4 - Installation ProceduresThis section contains step-by-step procedures for installing and commissioning the DXR It outlines the tools and equipment you will need, as well as power and antenna requirements.

Section 8 - Technical DescriptionThis section provides you with the technical and physical specifications of the DXRassociated interfaces and options. AppendicesThe appendices contain information that relates to the content of this manual but is not appropriate for the main body of the document.

They include the following: It comprises a digital radio packaged in a standard 19 inch 3U horizontal rack shelf or mm slim rack. DXR uses advanced digital signal processing techniques and powerful low overhead forward error correction FEC to support a range of data rates with excellent spectrum efficiency.

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Reed-Solomon FEC code corrects up to 10 errors per byte block, virtually eliminating noise and residual bit error rate problems often experienced in urban low frequency microwave systems. A 16 tap transversal equalizer is included to reduce the effects of multipath interference.

Figure 1 is a system block diagram of a non-protected DXR All connections are front mounted for easy installation and access. The duplexer is mounted externally on the chassis which allows frequencies to be retuned without the need to remove covers.

The standard duplexer fits within the 3U height of the terminal. Alternate types of duplexers can also be readily connected to provide transmit to receive separations narrower than those provided as standard.Here is the best resource for homework help with OPS Operation's Management at University Of Phoenix.

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