Girls trafficking

Human trafficking in the United States InDerek Ellerman and Katherine Chon founded a non-government organization called Polaris Project to combat human trafficking. The website records calls on a map. Senate designated 11 January as a National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness in an effort to raise consciousness about this global, national and local issue.

Girls trafficking

Email Fifteen-year-old "Debbie" is the middle child in a close-knit Air Force family from suburban Phoenix, and a straight-A student -- the last person most of us would expect to be forced into the seamy world of sex trafficking. But Debbie, which is not her real name, is one of thousands of young American girls who authorities say have been abducted or lured from their normal lives and made into sex slaves.

Girls trafficking

While many Americans have heard of human trafficking in other parts of the world -- Thailand, Cambodia, Latin America and eastern Europe, for example -- few people know it happens here in the United States.

The FBI estimates that well overchildren and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from 9 to 19, with the average age being And many victims are no longer just runaways, or kids who've been abandoned. Many of them are from what would be considered "good" families, who are lured or coerced by clever predators, say experts.

And, he said, these predators are going where the kids are. One evening Debbie said she got a call from a casual friend, Bianca, who asked to stop by Debbie's house. Wearing a pair of Sponge Bob pajamas, Debbie went outside to meet Bianca, who drove up in a Cadillac with two older men, Mark and Matthew.

After a few minutes of visiting, Bianca said they were going to leave. And she put tape over my eyes," Debbie said. So I just stayed quiet. Back home with her other kids, Kersti had no idea Debbie wasn't there. I mean, it was a confusing night. I had all the kids coming in and out.

The last I knew she had come back in," Kersti said. I mean, I normally check on all my kids, and that night I didn't. Exhausted and confused, she was finally taken to an apartment 25 miles from her home.

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She said one of her captors put a gun to her head. And he counted to three and then he pulled the trigger. And then I was still alive.

I opened my eyes, and I just saw him laughing. I want to see what I'm working with. And I see more guys, four other guys had come into the room. And they all had a turn.

It was really scary. More often, young girls are unwittingly lured in to unwilling prostitution with promises of jobs, money, clothing and modeling. That's what year-old Miya said happened to her when she was working at a Phoenix mall selling sunglasses.

Miya was working three jobs -- 14 hours a day -- to pay off her bills and save for college. One day when she was working, she was approached by a young woman and a well-dressed man.

He said I could try it for three days.

What is Girl Trafficking?

And so I went with them. At that point, she said she had no idea she was not being made over for a photo shoot but for a much more insidious reason.

Later, when the couple began taking pictures, Miya said she became alarmed. In a rundown, garbage-strewn apartment, her captors were trying to break her down.

That's when they put a dog biscuit in my mouth, trying to get me to eat it. She said they talked to her about prostitution, and that one of the men forced her to have sex with him in the car and then later in a park.

The same man took her back to his apartment, and Debbie said, "I ended up in the dog kennel. Lying on her back in the tiny space, her whole body went numb. Shortly after the ad ran, men began arriving at the apartment at all hours of the day and night demanding sex from her.Challenge.

Human trafficking is a crisis in Nepal. Every year, up to 20, young girls from the poorest parts of the country are sold or lured by traffickers with promises of marriage or good jobs. When Sex Trafficking Goes Unnoticed in America. A survivor of sex-trafficking is pictured outside of a faith-based Samaritan Women home where she now lives.

the girls and the men were. Fears of child trafficking are rising as independent media and citizens realize that the only footage of children refugees is boys. DHS was asked where the girls are, and they could not answer. Thanks to Hollywood films such as “Taken,” people who hear the term “sex trafficking” often think of a sorority girl kidnapped and chained to a radiator by men with foreign accents.

I knew I needed to talk to girls who had been trafficked who would be willing to speak to me on the record, so I travelled to the district of Kanchanpur at the Indo-Nepal border, known as one of the gateways of human trafficking.

Girls Trafficking in Nepal – Problems, Causes, Solution with Facts, Data & Present Condition We are here with girls trafficking in Nepal with problems, causes, and solution. Nepal’s suffering by .

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