How to write a popular book series

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How to write a popular book series

While standalones are always a single book, series can include anything from 2 to instalments. A series follows the same story and characters throughout numerous books. Trilogies and series with an odd number of books are highly common.

Taking your writing from pen and paper to print is a long process. Consider the following tips for making the right decision for your manuscript. ProFlowers via Flickr Creative Commons Metanarratives A metanarrative is an overarching story encompassing smaller ones. It can be tricky to balance an overarching plot as well as a novel-specific one.

There are two types of series: The Reign of the Genre Genre has significant impact on how series or standalones are written and received. This has become an expectation amongst readers, and likely started due to the significant amount of world-building necessary for these genres.

On the other hand, most contemporary, realistic and literary novels are standalone. Genre is an important consideration both when writing and getting published.

But what do you do if you really want to write a standalone fantasy, or a contemporary series? In other words, do the same as you would to get any novel published, but be prepared to work even harder. When looking for a publisher, your best bet is those that have already published a series or standalone in the same genre as yours.

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It's good to get into the habit of taking note of who published a certain novel and checking their website. Kyla examines the publishing considerations crucial for every writer on their road to print. It may not seem so, but looking at Australian bookstores, there's an approximate 1: Many believe that the market is flooded with series.

Publishers are being more cautious, wanting to see how the first book performs before committing. However, series are a high-risk, high-gain product.

One of the rising methods around this is for writers to submit a manuscript that can standalone or be extended into a series. Why do publishers ask for series? Sometimes writers submit a manuscript and a publisher accepts but wants a sequel or two.

If a manuscript is strong enough and aimed at the right audience to secure the sales of following novels, the publisher may choose to request this of the author. Publishers are very select when it comes to asking for a series. Sales often diminish as a few readers lose interest in the story or get distracted after each new release.

They need to be hooked on the first book and carried through. Shona Martyn from HarperCollins shared that: This can also happen with standalones if you build a big name for yourself as an author.

The first book of a series almost always sells the most copies. This is important for marketing, as the author's name is their brand.

how to write a popular book series

Have you ever bought a book because you recalled reading another by the same author? Authors, such as John Green, have written enough successful standalones that their name is as well-known as some series writers.

Building an audience to an author of standalones only requires a handful of great novels. To build up your author brand with standalones you need to consecutively write great novels — just as any series writer would need to.

Readers can lose interest in a story that goes on for too long or has too big a gap between releases. Publishing bottom-line More than anything, what's important is the quality of the writing and the story.

From the business perspective, a bad series won't sell better than a few good standalones.Oct 18,  · Also, Jose seems to gloss over, well, writing the actual book: "Once the content of the book was completed, so [sic] our next step was design." Whoa there, buddy. Books take time. Oct 30,  · How to Write a Book Series.

In this Article: Article Summary Planning Your Book Series Creating Identifiable Characters Developing Interesting Plots Considering Setting and Time Community Q&A. Book series seem to be everywhere these days, whether filling the shelves at your local library or inspiring movies at your local cinema%(32).

Dec 12,  · With all these new and totally popular series coming out (i.e. Twilight and Harry Potter), I figured it was about time to explain how you too can be a successful writer of a pop-culture series.

4. Can I commit to writing a series?

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Writing a novel is a big commitment. Writing a series of novels takes things to a whole new level. Before you launch into a series – whether it be a duology, a trilogy or a sprawling ten-part epic – you need to seriously consider your commitment to the task.

The first rule of writing a book series is having enough content to justify more than one book. Even if you plan to write an expansive multi-book series, editing is still your best friend. No reader wants to drudge through unnecessary .

How to write a bestselling novelMake it a daily habit. The only way to improve your writing – or get started at all – is to do it daily. Silence your inner critic.

Find an image to inspire you. If you are stuck for ideas, paintings and photographs can help inspire a story, says Philippa. What if? A really useful technique for generating new ideas, or testing a more developed storyline, is to use the “what if”.Hone your narrative.

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