Hsc economics globalisation china essay

Which economy should I use as a case study? It is best to use an economy where the impact of globalisation is quite evident. China, Poland, Brazil, Vietnam etc.

Hsc economics globalisation china essay


We believe that since Monetary Policy has hardly moved in the Hsc economics globalisation china essay 18 months, it makes sense for a focus to be placed on fiscal policies this year. We think there will be a focus on economic growth and unemployment.

In the HSC, Macroeconomic objectives were tested in addition to monetary policy. So this topic was in 2 out of the 4 essay questions! It was also in the exam as an essay question. So we think a case study question is long overdue.

Prior tothe trend was that from to it appeared in every exam either as a short answer or essay question. This pretty much examined every single year somewhere across the HSC economics paper!

Hsc economics globalisation china essay

Australia posted a record low Current Account Deficit this year, yet this still disappointed many economists. Yet globalisation continues to make the news as the TTP has now been overturned by U.

President Donald Trump and he continues to advocate for protectionist measures. There is always ongoing interest in the area of unemployment in the Australian economy, especially with recent reports coming out this year that a large percentage of future jobs will disappear due to automation and globalisation.

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Predicted Short Answer Questions 1. It is highly likely that there will be some version of globalisation in the short answer questions. Globalisation is a key topic that can appear as both a short answer question and an essay question in the same exam as it did in the examination.

It is common to see this topic as either a labour market or deregulation question. We predicted it would be in the exam, and since the exam focused on other topics, we think a microeconomic reform question is long overdue.

It last appeared as an essay question in the exam, but appears as a short answer question more often. The examiners love testing definitions. Inflation remains topical because of low inflation rates combined with an overheated housing market.

2017 HSC Economics Exam Question Predictions

We also think a question combining inflation and macroeconomic policy is possible. A great way to practice your theory in a super fun way is to try to beat this game, where you play as the head of the U.

Federal Reserve and adjust interest rates to maintain price stability and low unemployment. Why are we making this prediction for ? Because fiscal was tested as a short answer in and inhowever monetary policy has never been tested as a short answer question.

Furthermore, there are many competing forces in the Australian economy affecting the transmission mechanism in paradoxical ways.

There is a fall from the post-mining boom impacting WA and QLD economies, a housing boom and upward pressure on house prices in the East Coast, yet low nation-wide inflation, and soft future economic growth projections. This all contributes to the ongoing interest around the RBA cash rate.

However there are still many other aspects of the environment that the examiners may ask. The environment is one of the largest issues and is multifaceted, linking to many other components of topic three.

Globalisation China Essay

This was tested in the last three exams. Obviously, there is no guarantee or any warranties implied or otherwise that any of the predictions despite our best efforts will be correct and if you rely upon these predictions, you do so at your own risk.

As such — while it is our recommendation that it would be wise to focus on the predicted topics and write practice essays, if you really want to give yourself the best shot of a Band 6 for the HSC exam — cover everything, in crazy detail I know this is obvious but I felt it important to reiterate!

Trial exams are based on your final HSC Economics exams that you will complete at the end of the year, so these exams are meant to give you a trial-run for your final exam.

Predicted HSC Economics Trial Exam Questions

Your trial exam is exceedingly likely to mirror the actual HSC Economics exam. This means that you will have a 3 hour exam with 5 minutes of reading time.

The exam will be worth marks and be divided up as follows: Essay Choice of 1 of 2 Topics — 20 Marks Note that depending on your school, your trial exams may be a slightly shorter exam or may not present you with a choice for section III.

So read your own exam notification carefully. Students at independent schools generally sit the same independent trial exam, and students at government selective schools will generally sit exams that have been tailored individually at each school.

The CSSA trial exams are regarded by economics teachers as the hardest trial papers.Jan 08,  · - Explain how an individual economy (other than Australia) is endeavouring to promote its level of economic development, in an environment where globalisation is affecting living standards.

You can find further questions by looking at past HSC, Trial, Assessment Exams. Globalisation has contributed to the deterioration of the environment in China due to a loss of arable land as a result of economic development.

An increased population growth in urban areas as people move to be closer to factories results in the clearing of large areas of land and a strain on resources. Jan 08,  · - Explain how an individual economy (other than Australia) is endeavouring to promote its level of economic development, in an environment where globalisation is affecting living standards.

You can find further questions by looking at past HSC, Trial, Assessment Exams. Economics Hsc China Essay Words Jun 3rd, 3 Pages For an economy other than Australia, explain how government development strategies have responded to the process of globalisation.

Essays & Papers HSC Economics: Globalisation- China Essay Essay HSC Economics: Globalisation- China Essay Essay Analyses the impact of Globalization on an economy other than Australia.

Hsc economics globalisation china essay

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