Live animal export in australia

What really goes on inside live, long-haul live animal exports0: The Minister signalled the government would also look at tougher penalties for the heads of export firms, including jail terms and heavy fines, if they breached live export rules. Mr Littleproud said the hotline would be running by the end of the week after a person came forward with video footage showing dozens of distressed sheep struggling to breathe on a ship last August.

Live animal export in australia

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April 9, at 6: The basic fundamentals of life and animal welfare, water, food and the ability to sleep or rest have been deprived these poor animals. They are cramped into unrealistic spaces created for greed and maximising the amount of animals with little care for their welfare.

These are live, breathing and feeling animals that need water, food and the ability to sleep. The conditions are so cramped that most of these animals will never reach the water and feed troughs. They are forced to stand in their own excrement and the excrement of hundreds of others near them.

Stand for 3 to 4 weeks without the ability to sleep or sit down for fear of being trampled to death. The condition of the poor animals who do survive cannot be healthy enough for consumption given the above comments.

Also on the footage was images of dead lambs who were born aboard these death ships and trampled to death. Never being able to reach their mothers or suckle. The report also stated that lambs born onboard often have their throats slit.

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There are suppose to be restrictions that no pregnant sheep are put on board. Another oversight by the governing body and the greedy importers. Sadly, also for those who are strong enough to survive the horrendous journey, are then unloaded onto a dock area where they are kept also in the heat and cramped conditions for heavens knows how long.

No one seems to monitor how they are treated after they disembark the killing ships. I am against all live exports and do not see the need for this cruel industry. The sheep in question could and should be humanly killed here in Australia and then the healthy, clean and refrigerated carcasses be sent overseas.

This would solve all the problems, other countries practice this and their markets have not dwindled. The vision of this suffering will haunt me for a very long time, and I believe that we were spared the worst footage due to it being too distressing.

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Half dead animals being thrown into the sea. There comes a time when humanity, care and morality overcomes precious profits and dollars. Emanuel Exports and its head Graham Daws shown last night living it up at the races have a lot to answer for and hopefully have to answer to same in the courts.

I would also like to know why RSPCA inspectors cannot do more and insist on restricted numbers and no live exports at all into the middle east in the middle east summer months. These sheep are coming out of the winter in Australia, where they have their winter coats on, to be thrown into a humid 45C to 50C degree sweltering heat of the middle east.

Many of them are not even spared the decency of shearing their wool off before being shipped. This is beyond cruel and barbaric and must cease. What the hell was the vet on board doing? He even left the ship on voyage 25 before the remaining live animals disembarked.

I thought vets took an oath to care for animals welfare and to cease suffering. In the case of this Victorian vet There are so many cases of animal cruelty here, we now need our elected politicians and animal welfare groups including the RSPCA to step up and change legislation to ensure that these cruel practices cease.The figures were published in a report to federal parliament, tabled yesterday.

Almost , sheep were loaded in Australia for export between last December and . Despite bipartisan support, it appears unlikely the Federal Government's much touted crackdown on live export animal abuse will become law anytime soon.

Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society. Join us to help end factory farming & protect ALL animals from cruelty. A WHISTLEBLOWER hotline is being urgently established to expose animal welfare breaches in the live export trade after “shocking” incidents of cruelty to sheep were revealed.

Live export companies are legally required to ensure all ewes are pregnancy tested by ultrasound and certified not pregnant. And yet, heavily pregnant ewes are being shipped for .

Aug 13,  · Australia’s live export trade is arguably the worst in the world because of the high number of animals exported and the extreme distances they travel The longest journey.

Live animal export in australia

Professor Clive Phillips, Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics at the University of Queensland, explains the incredible length and trials of the live.

Australian export quotas