Polaris versus ski doo essay

Share The advantage of working for SnoWest Magazine is that we usually get to spend a little extra time on the new snowmobiles in the spring before they are officially released in the fall. Although we have spent more time on the Summitwe have still been able to get both these snowmobiles on the snow at the same time and see what we like and dislike about them … and there are far more things that we like than we dislike. But when you factor in the inch-wide track of the Ski-Doo compared to the inch-wide track of the Polaris, both would have basically the same footprint in the snow. Weight wise, the Summit tips the scales fully fueled and full of oil at pounds and the Polaris weighs out fully fueled and oiled at pounds … again, pretty much even.

Polaris versus ski doo essay

View Full Spec Both feature excellent cc two-stroke motors, unique long travel rear suspensions with more than a foot of bump absorbing travel, a tall-in-the-saddle riding position, similar weight and footprint. On the snow the two sleds acquit themselves equally well: These two sleds appear similar; yet remain different in how they achieve their end results.

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And, still, regardless of your choice, both represent excellent value for you. One thing that Ski-Doo parent BRP does well is create a high quality image for its products, backed up with frills and nice-to-haves.

Years ago we bought a Sea-Doo personal watercraft because we were smitten by its outward appearance and the fact that it had an off-throttle steering system to maneuver into our dock. A couple of years went by and the Sea-Doo, as do most all plastic watercraft, looked old and haggard.

Few companies give their products the showroom sheen of Ski-Doo. Give Ski-Doo designers a big plus in creating first impressions.

Polaris versus ski doo essay

These sleds are nearly a foot longer than their inch tracked siblings, yet they give the impression that they are about the same. You sit high and forward. Sitting forward with knees flexed ready for action has been the norm only since In the past 10 snow seasons Ski-Doo led while the others, Polaris included, followed.

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The drivetrains are similar in on-trail performance. The advantage in fuel consumption should go to the Rotax, which is said to be able to achieve something in the low 20s for mileage. Neither of those conditions hints at fuel economy!

Both companies give their sleds ample stopping power with a hydraulic disc brake system. Polaris exhibited outside the slide rail thinking in developing its Pro-Ride long travel suspension. Currently this is the only full production uncoupled, progressive rate suspension.

Originally designed for the shorter length Rush series, the longer inch version of the Pro-Ride rear suspension rides better, seems easier to fine tune and handles those niggling ripple bumps better than about anything on the market.

Suspension set up is relatively simple with an externally mounted shock and spring arrangement located at the confluence of the seat and tunnel. Ski-Doo attacks rough trails with inside the skid frame engineering. The rMotion, introduced for some top of the line models, has worked its way to the Adrenaline and actually offers two more inches of travel range than the Pro-Ride.

The rMotion sports 16 inches of maximum travel versus a claimed 14 inches on the Pro-Ride. More expensive Renegades offer the rMotion with Quick Adjust external knobs mounted on the runningboards to facilitate tuning.

Not to worry, this Ski-Doo rising rate design offers ample degrees of tunability. Interestingly, the slightly heavier Polaris uses a inch wide by inch long Ripsaw track that represents 2, square inches of flotation. That compares to the 2, square inches represented by the inch wide by inch long Ski-Doo track.

We note that both sleds compare favorably in most things.

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Ski Doo Renegade E TEC: Whether you end up purchasing a Ski Doo Renegade ETEC or a Polaris Switchback rest assured that you re getting a great snowmobile with either model.

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Polaris versus ski doo essay

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