Write a note on total station working procedures

We began the unit immersing the students with different procedural books. Students went on a hunt in our room for procedural texts and they found them in many of the books they had in their book boxes. We also brainstormed procedural writing topics. The students came up with so many things to write about!

Write a note on total station working procedures

Call us now What is a Total Station? A Total Station is a modern surveying instrument that integrates an electronic theodolite with an electronic distance meter. A theodolite uses a movable telescope to measure angles in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

Traditionally they are manual instruments that come in two types — transit, which rotates in a full circle in the vertical plane, and non-transit, rotating in a half-circle. Total Stations use electronic transit theodolites in conjunction with a distance meter to read any slope distance from the instrument to any particular spot.

How Have They Changed Surveying? The development of Total Stations has markedly increased productivity in the surveying profession in the following ways. First of all, improved accuracy: Other increases in productivity are due to efficiency and functionality.

This means they can be operated at a distance, hence requiring only one surveyor in the field, rather than the traditional two. Total Stations also include up-to-date image capture technology, which can record any image or screen-view from the surveying site, eliminating the need for costly revisits, and producing high-resolution images of site conditions.

And did you know that a traditional problem for surveyors is simply wet paper? A Total Station has electronic documentation and sketching functions, which reduces the need for paper field notes.

Finally, the data processed and stored in the Total Station can be downloaded to other computer systems, for archiving or distribution, or to be used with other applications such as mapping software.

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Motivation and Goals Let us now go through the five different kinds of reports.
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Although you need the union to get your work assignments, you are employed where you work, not where the union hall is . Chapter 15 Construction Survey Procedures General In performing construction surveying, preparation is a major part of the operation.

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Study the contract plans, special provisions, Standard Plans, Standard Specifications, the shot with the total station on . Leveling the Total Station must be accomplished to sufficient accuracy otherwise NOTE: When the instrument operator changes the reticle focus may need to be adjusted.

write a note on total station working procedures

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